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We’re glad you’re in your beautiful new home. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come. We’d also like to extend to you our help in making sure your first year in your home is pleasant. As with any major life change, homeownership brings with it many joys and responsibilities. As you move into your new home remember that homeownership will require effort and care not only this first year but all the years to follow.

The purpose of Fall Creek Homes Limited One Year Warranty is to help you rest assured that we did everything possible during the building of your home to ensure that your new home has been built to the highest standards. Nevertheless, homes are one of the few remaining products in our lives that are built completely by skilled hands. We are here to stand behind those skilled hands and provide you with great customer service.


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  • What is the Fall Creek Homes warranty?

    When purchasing a home from Fall Creek Homes as part of our contract we agree on the Fall Creek Homes Limited One Year New home Warranty Agreement. That warranty, and the governing Fall Creek Homes Warranty Manual, speak to the terms of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ is covered. If you have further questions please first refer to those documents.

  • I have some homeowner maintenance items I need repaired, who do I contact?

    Home maintenance can be a number of things: paint touchups, caulking touchups, furnace filter changes, and etc. Who should you contact? Well, that is for you to decide. Fall Creek Homes is not a home maintenance company and our warranty does not cover those items. If a home project feels too big for you please feel free to contract any local contractor that you trust.

  • As a homeowner do I need to worry about things in the winter?

    Winter months in Southeast Idaho can vary greatly. We often experience snow, wind (combine the two and you have a blizzard), and of course mid-winter thaws. Rest assured that Fall Creek Homes adheres to all building and roofing standards, however, no home – new or old – is impervious to weather. Take great care to ensure roofs are clear of snow drifts and ice dams. Double check rain gutters and spouts to ensure they are also flowing freely and away from the foundation. Tend to your attic space. Modern roofs are vented per code requirements. Those vents are not complete barriers to the outside elements when put up against blowing and drifting snow. Your home warranty does not cover weather events, damage from weather events, nor lack of homeowner preventative maintenance.

  • My well water has sand in it, what do I do?

    Fall Creek Homes does not warrant nor guarantee the quality of well water. Neither Fall Creek Homes nor any well driller can predict or know what kind of water a well will produce. Abiding by best practice Fall Creek Homes ensures the water pump to be off the bottom of the well. What any new well needs is time to develop. Running your well (from your exterior hydrant and through a hose to a safe location) for a substantial amount of time will allow the well to develop and clean itself. Water treatment is also recommended, and the extent of which can be determined by each individual homeowner.

  • I've made a warranty submission. What sort of timeline should I expect for repairs?

    Fall Creek Homes strives to maintain high quality customer service. Once a request has been made we make every effort to respond to that request within one business day. We always try to ensure a timely solution to all warranty requests, however, we ask that you please bear in mind that schedules do often present a conflict. Knowing this we always intend to complete warranty work orders within 30 workdays unless you are unavailable for access.

  • How do I submit a warranty claim?

    Warranty claims need to be submitted in writing. For your convenience we have the contact form below.

  • I have an emergency what should I do?

    Genuine emergencies should be dealt with swiftly. If you are experiencing no water, heat, or electricity during business hours please give us a call before submitting your written warranty claim. After hours emergencies can be handled by the appropriate contractor with whom you can contact directly. Please see the contractor provided to you at time of contract for names and phone numbers.

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