Fall Creek Homes is never more proud than when the homes we build and the families we build them for are happy and content. We strive to earn and keep your trust every step of the way.

I chose to have Fall Creek Homes build my home because of their unmatched reputation for quality. They truly lived up to their reputation. I started the home building process with very high expectations, and constantly found my expectations being exceeded. Bruce was absolutely awesome to work with, and he would go out of his way to make sure that I was happy with my home-building experience and that i would be happy with the finished product. The office staff was always available to answer my questions and help resolve any concerns that I had as well. I’ve heard of people’s stressful experiences building a home, but my experience was far from that and actually a lot of fun. I had very bittersweet feelings about my home being finished. I was thrilled because that finished product was amazingly beautiful, but sad because I truly enjoyed working with everyone at Fall Creek. I would highly recommend Fall Creek Homes to anyone looking to build a new home. Thank you Bruce, Bryson, Aseneth, Sharen, Brock and everyone else at Fall Creek Homes. Thank you for helping turn my dream-home into a reality and for all the pleasant memories.
~ Sam

The signs for Fall Creek Homes say, “Come see the difference.” A few months ago, we met the man with the vision, Bryson Higley, and he changed our lives. We could see the difference, so we sold our river home, and construction began on a Fall Creek Home. The staff helped us make organized decisions about style, floor plan, colors, carpeting, tile, granite, and on and on.

We were given a key, and they encouraged us to watch every phase of construction. When we moved in, there was no adjustment time. It was and is our home. We are now enjoying a vision come true. Come see the difference. We welcome you to the neighborhood of better homes.
~ The Black’s

Fall Creek Homes enabled us to build our dream home as new home owners! Usually new construction homes are not possible for a first time home buyer, but Fall Creek was willing to finance the home until it was built, saving us from having to pay interest while it is being built, or taking out a construction loan. When the home was completed, we were able to take out a regular loan. What a blessing it has been for us to be able to start out in such a wonderful home! Fall Creek also allowed us to build a home on any lot which we chose, no matter where it was. After much searching, we found a wonderful location, and Fall Creek very quickly built our home there. We have been in our home for 3 months now. We love the location, our new home, and the great number of friends we made at Fall Creek Homes!
~ The Turners

We have always dreamed of building a home….someday. Lucky for us, as we were feeling a bit cramped in our old home, we were referred to Fall Creek Homes. What a blessing that was! We had no idea that building our dream home could actually be a reality. They were so accommodating and patient while we made the arrangements to build on family land. They are so easy to communicate with, and very professional, it was a dream relationship. We have lived in our beautiful home for almost 2 months, and everyday we love it even more. We get compliments all the time about the beautiful custom wood work, cabinets, and granite throughout our home. You definitely can’t beat the value you receive when you build with Fall Creek. We cannot even begin to express our appreciation for Bryson and the Fall Creek Homes team for all they did for us. Seriously, if you are thinking about buying or building a home, call Bryson and choose Fall Creek Homes! You will not be disappointed!
~ The Hill Family

When we found out we needed to relocate we had a difficult time finding something that would work for our family. We were so glad to find Fall Creek! We have a new home that is NICE at an incredible price. We closed only one day after our promised finish date. The floor plan is well thought out and the finishes are high quality. Everyone that comes to see our home is blown away by all the details. We do not have any complaints. After we moved in we found a few minor things that needed to be addressed (doorbell wasn’t working, a sink leaked) and they were taken care of quickly. We have other friends and family that have built who have been so disappointed with their builders and found more things they don’t like as time goes on. Not us! We have been in our home for three months now and have said to each other more than once how we love our house more each day. If we had to do it all again we wouldn’t go with any other builder.
~ The Beebe Family

We have been living in our new home now for two months and love it. When we get up in the morning we say, “This is a great home. We love it.” Besides sound construction and 2×6 well insulated walls, the fixtures and appliances are of high quality. It is clear that Fall Creek has made an effort to find the best fixtures and appliances. The workmanship of the house is also high quality.

We greatly appreciate their effort to help us get in our home the day before Thanksgiving rather than the expected date of early December. They made a special effort to make that happen. We thank Bryson, Brock and all for helping make that happen. Also since moving in, Fall Creek has been particularly responsive to our request to repair small defect, of which there were only a few. They have also given us a list of contractors so that we might make some additional changes to the house which we had not earlier opted to make.

All in all we wish to thank Fall Creek Homes for helping us make the transition to our new home so pleasant.
~ The Cannon’s

We had to unwillingly sell our beautiful home in Idaho Fall, that you had built us, and have spent the last month house hunting in MO. I now compare every home to the homes that Fall Creek Homes builds. Nothing even comes close to what you had built for me, and everything that we have found that is somewhat acceptable, is overpriced.

We move a lot, and I have searched for homes in all 4 time zones, in the stats of California, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, and South Carolina. When I say search, I mean I scour the internet, drive for miles and miles looking for FSBO’s or new construction, check the newspaper, talk to realtors, and I have NEVER found a builder that offers the quality of homes, at the price point that you offer.

I know a great thing when I see it! I strongly believe that you have discovered a unique way of building homes so that the consumer benefits primarily and your company makes a profit as well. I am so excited about this concept, that I know others would feel the same way.

Thanks again for the positive building experience that will forever leave me impressed!
~ Nicole

In the Spring of 2013, we started looking for a contractor to build us a home. After getting four different bids, we happened to go through a Fall Creek Home that was very similar to what we wanted. After comparing the costs, we soon realized that many standard features in a Fall Creek home were not included in the other homes we looked at. It’s amazing how fast the cost of those standard features add up. Without question, a Fall Creek home was the best deal. Working with the people at Fall Creek Homes during the construction period was a good experience too. Our home was completed in September of 2013 ahead of schedule. We love the location at 6345 Glen Abby Circle.
~ Tye & Marilyn

Thank You… Fall Creek Homes

We are living the all American Dream! A Huge thank you goes out to Bryson, Aseneth, and Team. We love our New Home! They completed the home before their estimated date. The quality of their products are unbelievable, so many amenities that would normally cost to upgrade. Granite counter tops, crown molding, etc. I have never come across a business with higher integrity, which stands by their word and keeps their commitments. We have reached our one year mark, so far the few things needing attention have been addressed and taken care of, with the one year warranty! Another bonus of a solid, ethical, and dynamic business. Don’t hesitate to do business with them!! You won’t be disappointed.

~ The Kent Thompson Family

It seemed like we would never get to build a new home for our family. Especially after the economy slowed down. But in March of 2012 we were ready to try and build. We had a floor plan and lot picked out with another builder, but the feel of the relationship just wasn’t right, and we knew it. Literally days before we were going to sign a contract, we heard about Fall Creek Homes, so we gave them a call. Bryson met with us within an hour and drove us around to several houses, in various stages. That night we knew what we had to do. Build with Fall Creek!!! We called back and scheduled a meeting to sign a contract with them. We picked out the perfect lot and floor plan, and immediately proceeded with the building process. We wanted to do some work and supply some material ourselves, and they were more than happy to let us.

Full “custom” features were included. We couldn’t believe it. We were going to be charged extra with the other builder for the same thing! We modified our floor plan to fit our dreams, and made sure we had a one of a kind home in our neighborhood. We love the house and loved our experience with their entire team. Smoothing sailing as they say! We would build with them again in an instant. We’ve made sure to share our story, and sent a few friends their way. Start to finish, we were involved every step and greatly appreciate the time they took to help us!
~ Matt & Candice

My wife and I built our last house that we are ever going to live in and wanted the dream house but at a price that we could afford. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else but Fall Creek Homes. I have never worked with such great people. From start to finish everything went smooth and concerns and questions were immediately handled. Bryson, Aseneth and Jake were on top of things the entire time. Not only was the service great but the price was fantastic! Compared to competitors, Fall Creek Homes was by far the best. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Fall Creek Homes to anyone looking to build a great home at a great price!

~ The McMurtrey’s

We began our relationship with Fall Creek Homes in 2009. We purchased our first new home from them that year, a cascade, in Belmont Estates. From the moment we first walked through this home we knew there was something special, something different about it. This house had many of the amenities that we thought were only available in the higher priced homes in the area. Our search for our first new home ended right then and there. We quickly put together a deal with Bryson and our family moved in shortly after. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the quality of the home and the service that we received from Fall Creek while we were there.

In 2011 we had the opportunity to sell our home and begin the construction of a new house from the ground up. We contacted Fall Creek Homes and began another chapter in our lives. Once again, Bryson and his crew were more than helpful and patient as we selected a lot, floor plan, colors, etc. We were at their model home day after day trying to get everything just right. I am sure they got a little tired of seeing us, but each time they had smiles on their faces and were so willing to help us out in any way we needed.

The building process went exceptionally well and we could not be happier with how our home has turned out. When you walk into a Fall Creek home it is hard to believe the amount of value you get for your dollar. We have recommended Fall Creek to many of our family members and friends who are considering building a new home and will continue to do so. We are already looking at plans and thinking about things we want in our next home. When it comes time to move onto that chapter we will call Bryson and do it all over again. Thanks again Fall Creek for everything.

~ Jordan and Talia

With Thanks to All of You,

You’re simply wonderful.

We so appreciate your wonderful service with out warranty and the times you’ve gone above and beyond! You are an exemplary company! Thank you!

God Bless!

~ Brad & Brittany


We just wanted to send an extra sincere thank you for what you did for us. It was definitely unexpected and more appreciated than you know. We want you to know that we love our home and the quality of your companies work and the people who work for you. We would definitely buy through you again and will be more than happy to send any referrals to you! Thank you so much!

~ Crystal & Trevor

I am so happy with my Fall Creek Home! When I started looking for a home, I hadn’t anticipated being able to afford new construction, but after being disappointed with many other previously owned houses and their neighborhoods, my realtor suggested that I take a look at a few of the Fall Creek Homes that were under construction. I was impressed with them right away – they looked so well built and tastefully done, that I made an offer on one right away and everyone worked really hard to make sure everything was done by the closing date. For a few items that were not completed, I let Aseneth know and she worked hard to make sure that they were taken care of in a timely fashion.

I didn’t find my home until all that was left to choose was granite for the counter tops, but all the colors (carpet, floor, tile, paint, and trim) are just right. I love all the windows and how beautifully they are trimmed. The lighting and fixtures are also very nice and what I would have chosen myself. The vaulted ceiling and ledges in the living room really add a nice touch and I really enjoy the open floor plan, especially when my family comes to visit. Another great feature is a custom closet in each room with multiple bars and shelves.

In addition to being beautiful, I feel that there was real quality built into this home and when the wind blows as hard as it has lately, that is a great blessing! In the words of my three-year old granddaughter, “I love, Love, LOVE this house! It’s way better than the other house… WAY better!”

Thank you, Fall Creek Homes

~ Sherri

We had moved to the area and looked at countless homes, unable to find a home that interested us. After visiting a co-workers home, that had recently finished being constructed from Fall Creek, my wife and I were impressed with the home and the features it had. During our tour we were curious about their building experience and more importantly the cost of the home; and it didn’t take long for us to decide to make a visit to the Fall Creek office. Within the following week we were moving forward with building a home of our own with Fall Creek.

The building process with Fall Creek was great. The Fall Creek group delivered a quality home with custom details at a price that was unmatched. I recommend Fall Creek to anyone who is considering building or buying a home.

~ Jared and Mandi

We started looking into building a home about a year before we purchased through Fall Creek. When going through the Parade of Homes we noticed Fall Creek had the most practical home for the price, we were skeptical thinking there has to be a catch when the rest of the builders in the area charge extra for what was being offered standard through Fall Creek. Through the process of building we realized there is no catch, our home was built professionally and to our expectations. We customized our floor plan, decided to do upgrades and even did some of our own work. Fall Creek staff and the sub-contractors were reliable and friendly through every step and always willing to help us with everything we needed.

Even after moving in anything that has needed attention, Fall Creek has taken care of promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is considering building a new home to talk to the professionals at Fall Creek.

~ Adam & Genessa

We built our home a little over a year ago with Fall Creek and our experience has overall been great. The Fall Creek staff was quick to have contractors out as soon as possible when we had any problem, they honor their one year warranty to the letter. The home is built with much better quality features at a much more reasonable price than other builders. We searched for over 6 months for a house and Fall Creek was by far our top choice. I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their exceptional customer service and availability. Thanks again Fall Creek.

~ Kenny & Sheena

Being a part of the construction business for many years we considered other builders in the area. We chose Fall Creek because of the quality in their homes from start to finish. We appreciate all the time Josh took in helping us pick our floor plan, customizing our interior, and getting it all within our budget. Our concerns with cost and quality were always taken into consideration. Jake kept us informed thru out the building process, which was AWESOME! We appreciate all that the Fall Creek team has done for us and we LOVE our NEW home!!
~ Jeremy & Jammie

Our experience with Fall Creek homes has been a pleasant one. From the research my wife and I conducted during the years prior to deciding to build, we were impressed with the relative quality of the homes being built by Fall Creek when compared with homes we looked at in Utah and in Idaho Falls. In particular, but not limited to the mill-work appliances faucets and door hardware and light fixtures.

Since I am retired from a job that required me to be aware of construction contracts and the related timing and quality of work being performed, I availed myself of an opportunity to actually observe the work being performed by the various sub-contractors and found them to be quality workers that were also timely in completing tasks.

In summary, I would have not problem recommending Fall Creek Homes as a good Price Quality ratio home builder.

~ Ken and Donna

Our family recently moved to Idaho Falls. In our search for a home builder, we looked at several companies. We found that Fall Creek Homes offered us more of what we were looking for. One of our first positive impressions was finding out that all the features in the model home we were shown, such as, granite counter tops, tile, cabinetry, trim etc. were included in the standard home plan and were not additional upgrades. It was easy to visualize what our home would look like.

We were also pleased that adjustments could be made to the plans to fit our needs.

During the building process any questions or concerns we had were addressed in a timely manner. The staff was always quick with a smile and ready to help.
Our experience with Fall Creek has been a positive experience.

We love our home. Thanks for building us a home we can be proud of.

~ Todd and Sandra

Bryson and Fall Creek Homes, let me begin by simply saying-Thank You! I appreciate the opportunity Jana and I had to build our new home with you. While I recognize that we were not always the easiest to please; you always seemed to make it easy! You were always willing to work with us and the needs and ideas we had to make your floor plan our home.

We appreciated the sub contractors willingness to work within our needs as well, and the professional way which they treated us.

This is our second home that we have built. As you know we shopped the competeing contractors in town. The decision was pretty easy when we compared everything that you included versus all the up-grade charges the others charged for those same inclusions.

We had an interesting experience take place close to the completion of the home. A well known developer and realtor came to the home when I happened to be there and asked if he could walk through the home. I told him sure and he proceeded. He asked me what I was paying and I invited him to tell me what he thought the home would sell for. The price he gave me was nearly $25,000 above my purchase price. This made it very clear to me that Fall Creek Homes have a great deal of value!

Many people I know that have built homes tell me how much they dis-like their contractor. Well, let me tell you…we can’t say that about our experience with you and your company. We thoroughly enjoy our Fall Creek Home, and enjoy showing it to our friends and passer by’s. We are always pleased to let people know that Fall Creek built our home, and are happy to refer prospective home builders to your company.

Bryson, thanks again for building a great home with exceptional value and an extremly fair price.

Best regards,

~ Todd & Jana

After hearing about the disappointments and failed expectations of friends and family that have previously dealt with builders and construction companies, my husband and I were incredibly skeptical of ever building a house of our own. However, after just the first meeting we had with Bryson, we were given peace of mind and assurance that our experience would be better. Throughout the entire building process, from the breaking of ground to the final walk-through, Fall Creek Construction was always available to answer any of our questions or concerns. They also took the time to help us understand each step in the process as it was completed. Now that we are living in our new home, and experiencing how exciting and fulfilling the building process can be, I am sure that we will be in touch with Fall Creek again in the future

~ Larinda & Dustin

There just isn’t any other way to say it: we are some of the biggest Fall Creek fans in the world. We went on the 2010 Parade of Homes just for fun and fell in love with their Cascade model on the spot. Our dream to build a home “someday” became a reality almost overnight when we met Bryson and talked to other homeowners because we knew we could get exactly what we wanted for a price we could afford with Fall Creek as our builder. The entire project was smooth, interesting and fun. We were at their office and on site almost every day and every single person was professional, helpful and wonderful to work with. If we had to pick the best part of the process it would be that Bryson and Fall Creek want your experience to be perfect so their guarantee is 100% reliable. It would be great if we could say there was never a problem but, in our opinion, it’s even better that we can say that every single issue we had with our home was addressed immediately and every single problem was resolved to our complete satisfaction. We recommend Fall Creek to everybody we know who is shopping for a home and we happily (and probably annoyingly) discuss our experience with anybody who will listen. We love our home so much and we are thankful and grateful for Bryson and the entire Fall Creek team who made our dream come true.

~ K. and Brian

As a home buyer, undergoing a new construction project raised many concerns which for us included such things as the quality and price of the home, communication with the builders, and knowing if they really listened and cared about our needs. Fall Creek met all these requirements and resolved all of our concerns. The quality of our home is unbelievable and priced right. We were able to work directly with the Fall Creek staff with open communication through the entire process, and they made us feel like a part of the team and not just another number. In our opinion, there is no better builder that can do this. We LOVE our new home and will recommend all of our family and friends to them. Thank You Fall Creek.

~ Brandon and Annie

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